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So who owns this weather website?

Jeff CopelandHello, my name is Jeff Copeland and I'm the founder of this weather website. I do hope you find the website useful for planning those much needed holidays. I have always been fascinated by the weather from a very young age and used to watch the skies for hours to see if I could predict future weather events.

I suppose I was one of those lucky kids who always knew that I wanted to do when I grew up. My dream job was to work in Antarctica as a Meteorologist.

I was living in Brisbane, Australia when I first got my drivers license and my first car. This was very exciting since this region gets hit by some quite severe thunderstorms during the afternoon from late October through to about February. So if there was the opportunity to go to them if they didn't come to me, then I now had a car to do so. This became a weekly ritual during the summer months and I quickly realised that it costs a lot of money to drive up to 500km just to see a decent thunderstorm.

What was I to do?... well straight after I finished high school I undertook a travel course and became a travel consultant. I worked in this position for about five years since I loved travelling and had enough money to pay for my move to Melbourne so I could follow my passion and undertook a degree in Atmospheric Science at Uni.

Now fast forwarding a couple of years... I finally finished my degree and then applied to do the honours programme in Atmospheric Science. I was accepted and did my course part time. I then was accepted to undertake a Masters degree by research through distance education in Biometeorology (this topic covers how the weather affects the human body).

So why did I choose to set up this weather website? How many times have you searched online for detailed weather information relating to a specific location and what information do you see? Yes, that's right, just tables and figures and nothing much else.

As this weather website is a work in progess, a lot information needs to be added to cover the 195 countries around the world. This takes time. However, in the meantime, I truly hope with the limited countries listed on this website that I've still managed to help you plan your trip better.

Thanks very much for your time and visiting this weather website.

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