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Smart Traveller's Use The Holiday Weather Planner Guide

Don't you just hate trying to work out what clothes you should take on your trip? Have you ever travelled to a country and not got the weather you hoped for?

Well, help is at hand.

If you travel overseas and want to avoid the possibility of bad weather, then the holiday weather planner guide will tell you what weather to expect.

Put simply, this book is the most useful travel weather planner I have ever read.

It goes into great deal explaining when the best time of year the warmest and sunniest weather occurs in every country around the world.

That's why Grant McEwan University uses this book as the required text for their travel courses.

Click below to view the sample pages from the weather planner guide:

Bolivia Cyprus Kansas Zambia
Climatological data for Bolivia Climatological data for Cyprus Climatological data for Kansas - USA Climatological data for Zambia

Here's a list of what the Weather Planner Guide contains:

  • Detailed and accurate weather information for every country (all 195 countries), region by region as well as season by season when necessary.
  • Climatological tables for hundreds of cities showing temperatures, precipitation, days with rain and hours of sunshine.
  • More than 240 maps.
  • When and where to see the Great Animal Migration in East Africa.
  • When to take a cruise, go on safari, climb mountains, visit national parks as well as ski or go trekking.
  • A list of colourful cultural events.
  • A list of name changes of countries and cities.

Here's what various media and travel organisations had to say about the weather planner guide:

Russell and Penny Jennings/Open Road Publishers in Vancouver have made an original contribution with their Travel Planner's Weather Guide. All the world's countries are listed as well as major island dependencies.

Home Business Report

Bad weather can indeed put a damper on travel enjoyment. Based on 30 years of statistics compiled by the World Meteorological Organization, the book provides easy-to-read tables and text for major cities in every country of the world.

Vancouver Sun

When to Nepal or Tanzania or Korea is a good question. And answering that question is a book entitled Travel Planner's Weather Guide.

GSA Travel Magazine

The Travel Planner's Weather Guide lists meteorological conditions for every country, from tiny Andorra to icy Antarctica, but the information on the obscure spots, like Guam, and São Tomé, makes the book fun.

The Ottawa Citizen

Where the book really shines is in the quality and depth of information it provides about each country and region.

Don Causey, Publisher, The Angling Report

What do I think of this book?

Since I obtained a copy of this book, I have found this weather planner guide very easy to use. In fact it only took me less than 10 seconds to find the country I was looking for.

I carefully cross checked the meteorological data to which I have access to and matched it to what was written in this book and I was pleased to find that there were minimal errors in the tabular data.

I was quite sure that this book couldn't include detailed weather information for every country in the world, but I realised after much analysis that every country in the world is listed (that includes all 195 countries together with their major island dependencies). I originally thought this because not even the excellent Hutchinson World Weather Guide book lists every country.

This book would absolutely be ideal for travel consultants who regularly need to find out what the weather is normally like in a particular country for a customer. Of course, if you travel a lot, you'll find that this is one of those books that rarely stays on the bookshelf long enough to collect dust.

Enjoy your travels.

Kind regards,

Jeff Copeland

Where's the best place to purchase this book?

I recommend purchasing a copy of this book through the author's website.

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...I absolutely love it. It is the best resource book I own.

Catheline Pataky, Orion Travel, Kitchener, ON, Canada

I have been in this business for over 20 years... there is nothing like it. It is really needed.

Robbie McCandless, Travel CATS, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, USA

I LOVE the Weather Guide, truly! It will save me a lot of time! And you've got my area of specialty - Australia. You've provided a great service!

Karolyn Wrightson, Essential DownUnder Travel, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, USA

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