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Summer Weather in Aruba - You Can't Escape the Wind

The weather in Aruba throughout the summer months is normally hot, humid and very windy. This wind, as you will find out when you travel to Aruba, takes the bite of out of the daytime heat and humidity and definitely makes your holiday more pleasant.

Did you know that Aruba, together with Bonaire and Curacoa are the safest locations you can travel to during the Caribbean hurricane season?

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Weather in Aruba during June

Windsurfing in June in Aurba

June is without a doubt the windiest time of year in Aruba. Typically, wind gusts average around 60 km/hr (37 mph) throughout the early afternoon in June.

For that reason, the annual Aruba Hi-winds competition began in June in the mid-1980's to attract amateur windsurfers from all over the world.

Are humidity levels high in June?

Contrary to what many travel websites say, humidity levels in Aruba during June are very high. The humidity levels remain high since the wind blows across the warm ocean and picks up low level moisture and this is carried along with the wind. The strong easterly trade winds blowing across Aruba throughout June acts as a natural evaporative cooler. So that's why you to tend to feel cooler than what you would otherwise, if there was no wind.

What will the temperature be like?

Given that Aruba is located well within the tropics, you can expect that both the overnight minimum and daytime maximum temperatures will remain fairly constant throughout June. Overnight, the temperatures will drop to only about 26°C (79°F). By day, the temperature will rise to about 32°C (90°F).

Climatological information for Queen Beatrix Airport, Aruba
Month Rainfall mm
Air Temperature Sea Temperature

Minimum (°C)

Maximum (°C)

June 17.7mm

(0.7 inches)



Will it rain when you visit Aruba?

If you're trying to determine if it will rain in Aruba during June then you must realise that this island is one of the driest islands in the Caribbean. During June, Aruba normally records under 20 mm for the whole month. Back in June 2008, Aruba recorded received twice as much rain as normal (i.e. 43mm of rain). In spite of this, it's safe to say that you needn't worry about whether the rain will interfere with your holiday plans.

Risk of thermal discomfort and severe weather in Aruba during June
Risk Humidity levels Windy days Flooding Thunderstorms High temperatures
Rating Very high Very high Low Low High

Will it be sunny?

June is also known as the one of the cloudiest months in Aruba. Put simply, there should be as sunny days as their are cloudy ones. On such cloudy days, make sure you still wear sunscreen since you will still get burnt in Aruba given its close proximity to the equator.

Weather in Aruba during July

Private beach resort on Aruba

The weather in Aruba during July is almost as windy as it is in June. In fact, there may be occasions when the wind gusts reach up to 90 km/hr (56 mph) during a thunderstorm.

July is a little more humid than June

If you're planning to come to Aruba during July then be prepared for the extremely humid conditions. The only time you'll feel comfortable being outside is when you stand in the wind or you're swimming. As soon as you move out of the wind, the humidity will hit you. So, if you're arriving here from a cold country then you may need time to acclimatise to the super humid conditions.

Climatological information for Queen Beatrix Airport, Aruba
Month Rainfall (mm) (inches) Air Temperature Sea Temperature

Minimum (°C)

Maximum (°C)

July 30.7mm

(1.2 inches)



Wet weather in July won't ruin your vacation

Generally, you should expect some short, sharp showers on a couple of days and maybe even a thunderstorm or two sometime during July. July normally has twice as much rain as June, but this statement is not always true. Back in 2006, June recorded twice the amount of rain than what July did. Please don't worry about the rain during July since their won't be enough to disrupt your holiday activities, that's for sure.

Will the weather in Aruba be nice and hot during July?

The temperatures in July nearly mirror those of June. Overnight minimum temperatures average around 26°C (79°F) just before sunrise. Normally the temperatures don't drop below 28°C (82°F) until 3am. So, you'll definitely require an air conditioned room to help you sleep. After sunrise, the temperature quickly rises to 32°C (90°F) but with that the south easterly trade winds pick up and help prevent the daytime maximum temperature from increasing any further.

Risk of thermal discomfort and severe weather during July
Risk Humidity levels Windy days Flooding Thunderstorms High temperatures
Rating Very high Very high Low Low High

Remember to protect yourself in the hot Aruba sun

July has plenty of sunshine and so you need to make sure that you and your family don't get sunburnt. The best time of day to visit the beach in July is in the morning up to 11am. After this time, the sun's rays combined with the strong trade winds sometimes make a beach outing quite unpleasant. Although, if you're planning to participate in some water activities, then wear water proof sunscreen.

Weather in Aruba during August

Flamingo's on the beach at Aruba

The weather in Aruba is still very windy at times throughout August, but the winds aren't as gusty as it is from late June to mid-July. Of course, if you happen to visit the east coast of Aruba, then you're sure to complain about the wind, since its nearly twice as strong as that found on the western side of Aruba. Although, there is a gradual slackening of the wind throughout August, you probably won't discern this unless you live here.

August is the most humid time of year

Generally August will feel even more humid than June and July since the reduction in wind speed allows the damp air to cling to your skin. August is a very uncomfortable month to visit Aruba since you will find that the use of an air conditioner is a must at night. During the day, you will want to be in the wind since it will act as an natural evaporative cooler. If you have the option of travelling to Aruba from January to May, then go for it.

Climatological information for Queen Beatrix Airport, Aruba
Month Rainfall mm (inches) Air Temperature Sea Temperature

Minimum (°C)

Maximum (°C)

August 25.2mm

(0.99 inches)



Will it rain?

Wet weather in Aruba during August is quite unusual. Back in August 2008, Aruba received 53.6 mm of rain, which is about double the amount of rain it normally gets. Since the weather in Aruba during August is quite changeable, you can't rely on climatological data regarding Aruba's rainfall patterns. You needn't worry about the rain in August since it generally doesn't last long to present any problems for you if you're planning a holiday. You'll most probably welcome the rain since it may cool you down since this is one of the hottest months of the year.

Early August is the hottest time of the year

The temperatures in August are quite hot. The overnight minimum temperatures is about the same as it was in July, that is, 26°C (79°F) and the day time maximum reaches 32-33°C (90-91.4°F). Because it's slightly less windy during August than it is in June and July, you're more likely to feel the heat and the humidity. Make sure you drink plenty of water since the high temperatures coupled with the high humidity and strong winds, will quickly dehydrate you.

Risk of thermal discomfort and severe weather during August
Risk Humidity levels Windy days Flooding Thunderstorms High temperatures
Rating Very high High Low Low High

Sun, sun and more sun

You may notice that the clouds start to build up at night in August and with that comes some shower and thunderstorm activity. For most of the time, much of August will be quite sunny during the day with a few puffy clouds whizzing passed but other than that you'll be seeing plenty of sunshine. So make sure you add some sunscreen everyday in August so to avoid getting sunburnt.

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